We are a non-profit organization founded to protect the water quality of the Branch Lake Watershed for all members of our biotic community It is our belief that property investment and recreational enjoyment of the lake and it's environs are secure only as long as the integrity of the Branch Lake watershed is maintained.


President, David Edsall

David has lived full time on the lake with his wife, Pat, since 2012. Prior to that they lived on Green Lake and Saratoga lake in New York before that. In fact he has lived on a water body for 68 of his 71 years. If you are wondering what all those flags are on his dock, there is one for every state in which he has been a resident.


Saratoga Lake was infected with Eurasian milfoil so he saw that devastation first hand. Thus he became our second director of our invasive plant patrol ranger program in 2013. 


He is a retired anesthesiologist practicing that specialty for 44 years. He is an avid swimmer, winning in the New England championships in 1966 to 9th in the masters nationals in 2018. He loves to teach and coach all ages from infants to 90 on how to swim or improve their swimming. This includes both his children and 8 grandchildren. One has become a national masters champion.  His favorite sports are whitewater kayaking, crew, and sailing so look for him on the lake in many forms.

Camp on Branchview Drive

Secretary, Melanie Joy

Melanie and her husband, Win, have been vacationing in the greater MDI area for the past 23 years.  Win’s father is from Northeast Harbor, ME and he has treasured memories of visiting his grandparents on MDI.


Melanie retired in 2019 after a 30+ year career in commercial real estate financing.  Originally from Connecticut, she now calls Ellsworth, ME home during the summer and Salem, SC on Lake Keowee during the winter.  


Melanie and Win enjoy the many things this area has to offer:  hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, blueberry picking, apple picking, and outstanding sightseeing along the scenic Maine coast.  Branch Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in the area and they are delighted to be part of the community!


Camp on Pickeral Cove Way

Vice-president, Chris Warack

Chris and his wife Karen have been vacationing in Maine for over thirty-five years. They bought the "perfect spot" on Branch Lake in 2013. They hope to be on the water full-time in a few more years.

Chris is a retired Air Force officer and now works as a Principal Engineer consulting on space systems and their ground architectures.

Chris and Karen enjoy hiking, time on the water in all forms, cooking, gaming and spending time with neighbors and friends. They have two grown daughters.

Camp on Phillips Way

​   Treasurer, Holly Griffin

“Paradise” is how Holly describes Branch Lake and Maine.  Her husband Rand’s family has been enjoying summer life on the lake for the past 30+ years.  It is a real family affair for the Griffin clan, with 2 camps on Branchview North and Holly and Rand's on Walls Farm Way. In the winter, she resides in the Baltimore/Washington area. 


She recently retired from a 14-year career as an HR Executive (following 20 years as a CPA), working for public companies.


As full-time retirees, Holly and Rand have never been busier - spending time with their grown children and grandchildren in Baltimore and Chicago, traveling, and passionately volunteering for numerous non-profits.  In the summer, she enjoys paddle boarding, boating, kayaking and swimming in our pristine lake, so let’s keep it that way!. 

Camp on Walls Farm Way

BLA Partner Road Associations

The BLA has taken strides to better partner with the existing Road Associations surrounding Branch Lake. There are designated BLA Road Representatives for each Branch Lake Road Association, and they serve as a great point of contact to learn more about BLA, ask membership questions, make merchandising inquiries, and suggest ways to build upon existing lake activities and collaboration efforts! 


Find your BLA Road Representative:


Bor Way: Bob Beal

Branchview Drive: Patty Riley
Branchview Drive North: Chuck Rohn
Cove Way: Pam Dodge and Jake Ward
Hanson’s Landing Road: Unknown

Loon Cove: Brad Fletcher

Mill Pond: Judy McGeorge

Phillips Way: Andy Britt

Sargent Drive: Dick Dudley

Walls Farm Way: Scott Irvin

Wilson Way: Bret Johnston 


Voting Board of Directors:


David Edsall

Chris Warack

Holly Griffin

Melanie Joy

Pam Dodge

Rand Griffin

Pat Edsall

Kelly Maltz

Chad Doebler

Alan Stinchfield

All Road Representatives may attend the board meetings.        



Committee Chairpersons:


Water Quality Monitoring

   David Edsall



   Holly Griffin


Online Presence

   Chris Warack 


Social and Recreation

   Kelly Maltz


Wildlife Monitoring 

   Pat Edsall



   Pam Dodge