Some of us are seasonal lake residents, and some of us reside on the lake year round. The tie that binds all of us is our love of the lake and the financial investment we have made in our properties. Fortunately, we have a Lake Association that offers us the broad view of lake concerns, lends foresight regarding future dangers, and serves as a gathering place.

Please support your Branch Lake Association by renewing, or initiating your membership. In prior years, membership was per camp. Our new membership dues are per person rather than per camp. When you become a new member or renew your membership, each membership allows for one vote. You can have more than one member per camp!!! Membership is an important way to remain connected to news about the lake and community events. Importantly, membership dues contribute to the costs of implementing healthy lake initiatives.


The Branch Lake Association has a giving structure that allows members to increase their level of contribution beyond the standard $20.00/member fee. The additional member donations will be used to support important functions and will be contributed to emergency funding needs such as road infrastructure support, or invasive plant detection.


Read the contribution level descriptions below and look for the extra giving incentives!


  • $20 Member (Standard Membership) - Access to all services and one 11x17 Branch Lake map

  • $50 Trout Club - Membership, newsletter recognition and two Branch Lake maps

  • $100 Salmon Club - Membership, newsletter recognition, three Branch Lake maps and a $15 gift certificate for our Cafe Press Merchandise

  • $200 Loon Club - Membership, newsletter recognition, four Branch Lake maps and a $30 gift certificate for our Cafe Press Merchandise

  • $500 Eagle Leadership Circle - Membership, newsletter recognition, six Branch Lake maps, and a $75 gift certificate for our Cafe Press Merchandise

Incentives are distributed at the Annual Meeting



Click on the Membership-Dues form below to download and then send your completed notice to:


Branch Lake Association

c/o Holly Griffin

PO Box 601​
Ellsworth, Maine 04605​


Your generous support will help fund projects like:

​​Invasive Plant Patrol (IPP)

Annual Loon Count

​Membership for the Maine Lakes Society

Summer Social Gatherings





And much more...